Sunday, October 16, 2011

Good Cause Events and yes... Some Knitting Too

Have been getting a good use of my time, joining organizations and participating on events for good causes, it feels good!

There is a HIV and AIDS Hispanic prevention group by my house and we get together every Friday, for the gay men prevention day we had some pictures taken to post in our profiles and this is what I did with my friend Monika

Also yesterday participated of the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure supporting one of my friends who is a cancer survivor, my friend Monette

We did it Momo!!!

Onto knitting things, I have another pleased friend who received a gift for her baby Sebastian who's about to be born any minute (yes I was able to send the gift before the baby was born!!!)

This is the picture she posted for me to see she got the package ^_^

I am also making this hat, is the "all day beret" and found the pattern at Ravelry

The pattern calls for a zig zag knit but i decided to do just the left side knitting, planning on making more in different colors depending on how this one come up.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

More and more knitting over here... oh and a little bit of reading too ^_^

Well, my knitting and me been pretty busy lately. I finally finished the last blanket! No more blankets for me for a good while! ends are weaved in and the knots the yarn had (don't you hate yarn with knots?!) are all weaved in as well.

Here is the finished product:

Also, with my birthday approaching, I've received my first birthday present from a friend, finally got my Kindle (yes I'm really excited!) I wanted to get a really nice cover for it but I couldn't find anyone I liked from Best Buy, Office Depot or any of those places, luckily I went to Etsy and found a beautiful cover from Dahlia (I think that's her name oops sorry) and you can find them here

Since it will take a little longer for me to receive my cover and me being a knitter (duh!) I went to Ravelry and found the perfect cover pattern here

And this is the finished product

All it needs is a nice button which I'm going to go get in a little bit

It was a little bit challenging at the beginning because it was the first time I ever used the magic cast on and it was also my first time knitting cables with no cable needles (explanations are on the page) yay me!


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Baby Gifts Progress

So many things have happened since the last post, so many shifts and changes that sometimes has me wondering what else? Is it ever gonna end? And then, it just hit me like a wall of bricks, I need to make some changes on myself as well! So, I decided to make the changes I needed, some of them were really painful, some of them are going to be just a matter of time to get used to and some of them were super easy... Tada!

In other news, this is the progress on the baby gifts so far, I have finished already one more hat and I'm almost half way on another, here is the outcome so far.

This is already going to be packed and sent as a gift for an ex co worker who's baby shower was last weekend and was not able to attend hat and mittens.

This will be for the first baby boy's news I will receive from a friend or acquaintance I already know hehe.

The boy's hat is a little bigger than the girls hat, not worried about it because the girl who's receiving this gift still smaller than a regular newborn baby, since she was born 14 weeks early.

Half way on the third one =0)


Monday, June 13, 2011

More Baby Gifts

Took a little vacation from blogging, change of jobs, new schedule and other things kept me from posting my progress on the baby gifts... but didn't stop my knitting HA!

I decided to make faster/easier/less expensive baby gifts, today I stopped by Jo-ann's and pick up pounds of yarn =0)

Gonna make lots of gifts with these!

And another little one came into the world! Little too early because poor baby and her mom almost lost their lives, she came 14 weeks early! Her mom told me she's still in ICU of course but doing great! She's still going to throw a baby shower and I got invited, got to hurry up and make something, I found a cute and simple hat and mittens pattern and I'm already halfway through the hat

Hope mommy likes it!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Good Weekend

So many good things are happening right now, I am happy I got my ticket to go see Mindi Abair in Orlando next week, can not wait! Also trying to speed up with the baby blankets because now I have about four more I need to make, I will really need some knitting therapy gloves for those!

I finally took my poor Hannah for the first time to the beach, she loved playing with other dogs but did not like the water, let's see how it goes next time I will take her, it was a nice trip, my other friends and their dogs had fun as well.

My Hannah enjoying the sand

My friend Mary and Cali

My friend Monika and Vodka Shot

It was a girls day because all three of the dogs are girls as well it was really fun


Sunday, March 27, 2011


Is always fun for me to do my own nails. Sometimes the times I pick to do them throws off my schedule but is only when I have an event and not much time to get them done.

Been doing them for a while now, I sometimes just paint my natural nails but I mostly do acrylics, I just love the look and they last me longer since lately i have not had much time to dedicate to it.

This are some of the designs I do, I mostly take my ideas from the Internet when it comes to the designs, I am going to switch to acrylic paints as it is a lot easier to make the designs.

This was something I wanted to go to school for, so far nothing has happened and I have people asking for me to do their nails but, since I am not licensed I am so scared with all the regulations there are, yes I am like that =0(

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Baby Blankets

So I have decided to just make baby blankets, for some reason everywhere, someone I know is having a baby! of course those are always good news but, I hope my poor hands can keep up.

I had two purple baby blankets with white and pink crocheted flower on each, I got to give one away already, the mom loved it! She was asking who I was because we don't know each other, I know her brother but a baby is always good news and I wanted the baby and her to have it

Right now I am making a boy baby blanket, one is already going to a friend of mine and I have plenty of yarn left so I decided to make more and have them there, is always nice to see the parents face when you give them something for their baby.